Sean Witzke is a freelance writer currently living in Pennsylvania. He holds a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature from Moravian College. His writing frequently centers around film and pop culture, specializing in genre movies of the 1970s & 80s. 

He has had bylines at Grantland, The Ringer, The Comics Journal and The Factual Opinion. He's written a 2-part comic serial published in Image Comics' Prophet: Earth War. He's had essays published in Studygroup Magazine, The Art of Storytelling Magazine and for the Sequart Organization. 

He has hosted, edited, and produced the weekly movie podcast Travis Bickle on the Riviera. Along with co-hosts Tucker Stone and Morgan Jeske, for 5+ years they have discussed movies ranging from romcoms to Italian gore, and action films of all stripes and country of origin. Past guests have included major film critics and several award winning cartoonists. The show's patreon campaign has been successful and kept the show profitable by directly engaging with its audience. 

In addition to essays and criticism, he has provided video and audio editing services. His video essays have appeared at Grantland and The Factual Opinion